Motorhome for Special Events

Our 37 foot Monaco Cayman motorhome can be used as a support vehicle, administration office, VIP lounge, or simply a rest area for staff or VIPs. Whether it’s for a “new product or service” promotion/launch or to be used as an on-site vehicle, you can trust Prestige to look after your needs. Also, you don’t have to worry about a driver as it is included in our rate. Our professional driver speaks English, Arabic, Urdu and Hindi. He can remain with you the entire time during the rental period or leave and return to motorhome usually with one hour’s notice. Whether you need it in only one location or driven around the country, we can accommodate.

Some of the Special Events where the motorhome can be used: Dubai Shopping Festival Jaszz Festival Dubai World Cup Dhow Boat Race Arabian Travel Market Dubai Summer Surprises Ramadan Events Cityscape Gitex Dubai Air Show Dubai Film Festival

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