Movie Industry

Celebrity/Talent Motorhome for Movie Industry

Are you producing a movie in the United Arab Emirates and need a motorhome for your Talent or Celebrity while on location? Prestige Motorhome Rentals can help.
We have several motorhomes and vanity vans & trailers that are available for you when in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere else in the United Arab Emirates. We also can accommodate trips to Oman as well as on-site production in that country. We offer a full-service packages which includes drivers and on-site supervision of units during shoots.
Motor Home / Caravan Specs – Most of our units comes with the following:
Slide-outs to extend rooms
Private bedroom/Wardrobe Area
Kitchen table with Power access
Generators for power for our units
Lighted Make-up table set up
Sofa + Lounge chair
32″ LCD and 22″ TV w/ Video & DVD
Microwave & propane kitchen Stove
Inside Bathroom
Refrigerators with freezer
Air Conditioners

  • Motorhome Movie Rental
    Motorhome Movie Rentals
    Motorhome Movie Rental, dubai, uae
    Motorhome Movie Rental, dubai
    Motorhome Movie Rentals, dubai, uae
  • Motorhome Movie Rental, Abu Dhabi
    Motorhome Movie Rentals, Abu Dhabi
    Motorhome Movie Rental, Abu Dhabi, uae
    Motorhome Movie Rental, United Arab Emirates
    Motorhome Movie Rentals, Abu Dhabi, uae
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